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Intrinsically Safe, Atex Torches

Atex Global Ltd supply a range of intrinsically safe atex torches, including pen lights, mini torches, atex flashlights, right angle safety torches, Hand lamps and Head torches for the petrochem & mining industries where high protection and atex certified products are required.

Intrinsically Safe / Atex Torches

Atex flashlights for personnel working in dangerous environments where intrinsically safe equipment is required, such as mining or petrochemical applications

These atex torches are powered by AA and C batteries and come with Halogen bulbs, Xenon bulbs and LED's to give outstanding light output many times brighter than conventional flashlights.
atex hand lamps - intrinsically safe hand lamps

Intrinsically Safe Hand Lamps

These Atex hand lamps are rechargeable and are ideal for use as a general purpose safety lamp for inspection and work tasks in explosive atmospheres.

Streamlight Vulcan and Wolflite Atex Hand lamps available with Xenon or C4 LED's which are impervious
to shock with a 50,000 hr lifetime.

atex hand lamp, intrinsically safe hand lamps

Intrinsically Safe Head Torches

The Wolf HT-200 is a primary cell powered head lamp with LED light source. It is ATEX approved for safe use in Zone 0 Hazardous Areas.

The Streamlight Haz-Lo LED Atex Head Torch runs on 3 x AA batteries and has a run time of upto 11 hr.

Intrinsically Safe Head Torch

Intrinsically Safe Pen Lights

A range of atex Mini and Micro Torches from Wolf and the Streamlight range of Atex Pen Lights are certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Designed for easy storage in a pocket, they are the perfect torch for any application. Available with different bulbs and colours.
Intrinsically Safe Pen Light Torch